Retul Bike Fit Service For All Bicycle Riders

New riders, social riders and elite athletes can all benefit from a professional bike fit, some of these benefits are: 

Have fun on the bike

If you can ride pain and injury free in the best position on your bike then you will continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling.   

Improve Comfort

An accurate fit will promote a comfortable riding position. Common areas of discomfort for cyclists are the lower back, hips, knees and shoulders and this can have a flow on effect to other muscles and tendons. 

Increase Efficiency

Your stroke efficiency is maximized through precise measurements and detailed analysis. When riding work smarter not harder. 

Improved Performance

In the best position on the bike you will achieve increases in power output and endurance by engaging a full range of muscle movements.

Services and Charges

Initial Bike Fit 

$250 - 2 hours and follow up appointment

Includes cleat, pedal setup and  position set up to suit your physical capabilities. Follow up appointment if required. 

Second Bike

$150 - 2 hours
Includes professional 3D positioning into the correct position on the second bike as well as follow up appointment.

Happy Customers

Coach Gus

 I want to let you know how happy I am with the bike fit. I can't believe the difference in power, comfort and running off the bike. I just wish I had done it before the 70.30 worlds. I have just finished my last ling ride before Kona and I am feeling so happy and confident on the bike again as opposed to pre fit when it was a miserable struggle. 


The Port Mac was magical! During the bike course I felt really strong the whole way. I was able to do a very decent run after the bike too! Thanks to your bike fit. 


Had my first long ride with the new seat post and stem. I did 3.5 hours on the bike with no pain, no numb feet and hands. Thanks heaps for the advice and bike fit. 


Hi Kevin Just wanted to let you know I rode an 18 minute PB in Ironman NZ, 5:02 bike split and then was able to run a 3:04 marathon off the bike. To say I am happy with how the fit has gone is an understatement. Qualified for Kona and off to the Big Island in October. Thanks again. 


I rode 80km on Sunday and felt position in aero was the best I have ever felt...strong and almost effortless. So kudos too you and your magic... 


Thank you so much for the report and all the time spent with my fit. I went for a 60km ride on Sunday and definitely felt more comfortable on the bike, with the cleat, saddle and stem changes and I have pulled up well.