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Independent Professional Bike Fitting

For Road, Triathlete,Time, Trial, Mountain Bike

Whether you are a social or competitive cyclist, having a professional independent bike fit will be beneficial. If your position on your bike is not set correctly, it may result in pain, discomfort and loss of performance through the full 360 degrees of the pedal stroke.

The Retul software has different ranges for each type of cycling discipline.

For triathletes the bike fit is different to the road cyclist because of the requirement to run after the bike leg of the event. I will position you on the bike to focus on the Quad and Gluteus muscles during the ride so that the hamstrings will work as required form the first stride of the run leg of the event.

What is involved in a Bike Fit

Personal Assessment. This enables me to understand you and what you want to achieve from the bike fit. Everyone is different and I will need to know your injury history as well as what are your cycling goals.

Video. To establish and initial image of your current riding position I will video you using the Retul software.

3 Dimension Dynamic Fit. Markers will then be placed on eight anatomically important points. These points will be connected by a fibre optic cable and as you ride your data will be recorded in the software and your position will be compared to an ideal range of data.

Analysis and Changes. From the recordings I will make changes to your bike to establish the optimum position for you on your bike. This will be based on what your current physical condition is and what you wish to achieve in your cycling future.

Final Video and Measure. Once the changes have been made, a second video recording is taken and the bike measurements are taken. 

Final Report

A report is produced and emailed to you. In the report all images, measurements and recommendations will be included. This information can assist you should you be considering a new bike.